My name is Darin Cassler. I build handcrafted software and web solutions so you don't just work smarter - you work less. Small, bespoke products that your team, your customers or your audience will actually love.

Running a business should be about making decisions, not pushing paper. There are more important things you could be doing. If you spend more time wrangling data than using it, lets talk.

Design for mobile access

I said this back in 2012: "over half of all web traffic will be from smartphones and tablet devices by the end of the year". Boy was that an understatement. Perhaps more important: that was just the start.

Chances are you have spent the past decade cutting a physical tether, doing more and more on the go. Now developers and companies all over the world are sprinting to their own kind of newfound flexibility.

Things like microservices, event-based platform, polymorphic data and graph APIs are taking clerical work down the same path as telephone operator work. There are better things to do with your time.

Build for users

It's easy to go overboard with a bloated website or app. Back in the late 1970s, Dieter Rams (luminary designer) was becoming increasingly concerned by the state of the world around him: "An impenetrable confusion of forms, colours and noises." Thus were born the 10 Principles of Good Design. Among them was this:

"Good design is as little design as possible"

Lose all of the noise and deliver a concise website which actually helps your visitors. Together we’ll craft a content strategy to bring your audience all of the information they need and help them find all the information they want.

Handcrafted in Vermont

Vermonters are known for their craftsmanship and web development is no exception. Every line of code and every last pixel is crafted with the finest of care (and drenched in maple syrup).